Have you ever experienced that feeling of liberty, when you have no more stress in your life, and the worries don’t exist anymore? The only thing in your mind is the joy that replaces everything else. That’s how you can define a good night out watching a cabaret strip show. Male strippers or female strippers are always ready to entertain you,  they give another definition to the meaning of entertainment.  You get to be part of another world, a crazy night that dazzles and excites with heart pounding beats and naughty dancing beauties.


With their looks and dance routines, the strippers are trained to seduce you or the guest of honour. It may sound strange but this is actually how you can define the whole show. The dancers will impress their audience by revealing their masterful persona, undressing their sexy garments with glamorous sex-appeal. Strip tease dancing is the expression of a perfect physique and a talent to interact with the crowd, after all the main goal is to win their hearts.

female strippers in Ireland

While it sounds so tempting, some may consider it fun to watch a striptease show on a computer screen.  It may be an alternative, but it is a whole different story. A „computer strip show” can in no way compare to the real thing. The interaction with the public, the laughs, the cheering and the clapping of hands is part of the whole adventure, which you cannot feel through a computer screen. That’s why at least for your own curiosity you can book and attend a striptease show at events such as 21st’s, Hen parties or Stag nights. Some of us may shy away from such performances, but after a few minutes of this show you will change your way of thinking. You will find yourself sinking into a world of endless fantasy. A strip show is the dose of fun recommended to us all.


How do you plan a surprise stripper for your event? Hot Stuff Entertainment  is the main agency that has been providing strippers in Ireland for the past decade. The agency will do all the work, you just have to make that call and arrange a date for the show. If you are the leading person in making those arrangements or a best man or chief bridesmaid, then you must find out what the guest of honour’s secret desire is. You then make this desire known to the stripper, rest assured they will create a show that represents your request and all the desires of that special person. On the other hand you can leave it in the hands of the stripper, allowing yourself be surprised by their imagination, seeing how they plan to succeed in meeting your high expectations. The stripper can be a policeman or a policewoman, they can be a fireman or a nurse, any themed character you desire in order to make your fantasy a reality.

male strippers in Ireland

What’s the guarantee? They promise a lot and they keep that promise in the way they set ablaze the whole atmosphere of  the party. Well built hunks and sexy ladies, down to their g-string or fully naked, giving an exotic flare to your party. Isn’t that what you want? And when it comes to asking yourself when is the perfect time to book a stripogram in Dublin, Galway, Cork or anywhere in Ireland, it’s all a matter of taste. Sometimes it can be the modern way to celebrate a birthday or even a dare for your friends to see how a boring event can transform into a night to remember and an experience to repeat.


A stripper for her or a stripogram for him and for the whole group of your friends Hot Stuff Entertainment will always arrange the sexiest strippers at your service: performers as seen at the well known Hunks of Desire Show  and Angels of Sin Show.


Your party is only a phone call away.

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